Turgeon Engineering routinely cuts metal links of integrated circuits using a solid-state green (512nm) laser. The laser is mounted on a computer controlled (+/- 0.5 um) X-Y table with an automatic auto alignment capability. The laser X-Y table assembly is mounted on an Electroglass 4090 wafer prober. The combination is very effective at actively trimming circuits to tight tolerances (+/- 0.01%).

    General capabilities:

  1. The laser cutting system can accommodate 4, 5, 6(150mm) and 8(200mm) inch wafers.

  2. Further, parts provided in gel or waffle packs can also be cut.

  3. A minimum laser spot of 2um, for tight and small feature cutting.

  4. Optical recognition and automatic targeting for high success rate and fast throughput.

  5. Fully integrated Linux controlled system for easy data retention and repeatability.

  6. MIL-SPEC qualification system for production needs.

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