Turgeon Engineering provides integrated circuit (IC) testing for analog and mixed-signal circuits. We can perform initial product evaluation, as well as production testing as per standard MIL standard quality, in whatever size volume you may need.

Turgeon Engineering testing is based on a modular approach that can accommodate a wide range of needs economically and in short time. The base wafer probing system is an Electroglass 4090, with 4, 5, 6(150mm), and 8(200mm) wafer-sizes capability, controlled by a Linux computer system. The Linux system controls the movement of the chuck as well as the biasing and measurement of the ICs.

The IC biasing and measurement is accomplished via a number of high voltage (200 volts) high current (1 amp) power supplies, an 8x 72 switch matrix all controlled via GPIB BUS and A/D and D/A PCI cards and high speed digital I/O PCI cards.

In addition, any custom needs can be accommodated on the PCB that holds the probe card. This allows the placement of critical electronics in close proximity of the IC for sensitive measurements.

A high level programming language was developed for the Linux system for controlling all of the testing equipment. This language allows for rapid development of custom test needs.

Currently, four different products have been tested and one is in production.

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