"Over the last year, Legerity, Inc. has contracted with Turgeon Engineering for two ASIC developments. Dr. Turgeon and his staff had to learn new technologies and toolkits for these developments. Both jobs were completed in a timely manner, and each ASIC meets all requirements.

"Turgeon Engineering continually takes a proactive stance during the design, simulation, and layout phases of IC development. Dr. Turgeon and his staff offered many suggestions to improve the device models, design tools, circuit designs, and layouts. The Turgeon Engineering team worked seamlessly with Legerity's internal design team and support personnel, including device modelers, product engineers, and test engineers."

-John Clapp
Technical Manager (High Voltage and Bipolar IC Design)

"I am writing this letter in appreciation for all the custom integrated circuits you have helped us design and fabricate. Because of your consulting, and our teaming, we were able to achieve first silicon success on seven designs critical to Raytheon. These designs were for the B2, F14, F15, F18, Active Array and IR&D programs. In all these programs we had budgeted for a planned iteration that was not needed. This saved us a large portion of our budget, plus it greatly improved our schedule.

"Your hands-on design experience helped us avoid pitfalls before we went to fabrication. Your design tips on integrated circuit blocks, thermal analysis, layout, parasitic extraction, isolation and inputs and outputs were very beneficial. You helped us discover problems that we would not have found until the designs were fabricated. Thanks again for your valuable inputs."

-Joseph Rovnack
Manager, Analog Integrated Circuit Product Team

Lucent Technologies

"I have used the services of Turgeon Engineering for several years and have found them easy to work with. Their work has held up to the highest professional standards. They have demonstrated several times their ability to take a project from concept through design and layout into volume production."

-Glen Johnson

"Turgeon Engineering provided high quality IC design services to us for several years. The highly competent staff was critical to the success of our projects. They have excelled at providing us with a full range of IC design services including: requirements, design, development, simulation, layout, manufacturing test development, data sheet preparation, fabrication liaison."

-Frank Bekampis
Director, Tyco Submarine Systems

"Over the past five years Turgeon Engineering has designed several custom ASICs for our organization. Luke and his staff not only completed the IC designs in a timely manner, but continually demonstrated a superior understanding of the circuit functionality beyond that required to design the ASIC. Luke's proactive involvement in the circuit architecture, superior simulation skills, and strong work ethic resulted in the delivery of solid ASIC designs meeting stringent undersea reliability and performance requirements. Turgeon Engineering continues to be our first choice for ASIC design work."

-Charles Sallada
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

"ELMOS North America, Inc. has executed two development projects with Turgeon Engineering. In both cases, they provided technically solid solutions that were completed on time and resulted in satisfied customers for ELMOS North America, Inc. Turgeon Engineering offers a complete package of skills required for taking a project from initial specification to stable volume production."

Specification Development
"Dr. Turgeon and his staff worked closely with ELMOS North America, Inc. and its customer to optimize the entire system and develop the ASIC specification. They improved both the system and ASIC topology from our original concepts."

"Turgeon Engineering developed simulation models for complex loads. In some cases, they improved and extended ELMOS device models in order to improve our simulation capability."

Circuit Design and Simulation
"Turgeon Engineering designed key circuit blocks and performed comprehensive simulations. They also provided system level simulations with transistor level modeling with their advanced simulation capability. Their emphasis on closed loop systems leads to successful design for manufacturability."

"Dr. Turgeon met with ELMOS North America, Inc. bi-weekly, and provided a full report on the progress to date. He also conducted extensive design reviews both with ELMOS North America, Inc. and our end customers."

"Turgeon Engineering has a fully equipped laboratory and was a partner in the evaluation of first silicon."

"Dr. Turgeon and his organization have been an integral part of the success of ELMOS North America, Inc. during the last three years, and I recommend them without reservation as an ASIC design partner."

-Mike McCandlish
President, ELMOS North America, Inc.

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