Turgeon Engineering can simulate your circuits for you.

We specialize in batch processing of hundreds of corner cases over temperature and operating points. Our tools are set up, using Linux, for simulations to run 24/7 without the intervention of an operator. Data is readily captured, post processed and reduced automatically to render the final results of interest. We also bundle all the simulations into a report for the given design for future reference.

Besides our own EDA tools, we are experienced with Mentor, Cadence and other EDA vendor providers. We have had good success at automating these tools, hence saving much time and cost associated with GUI controlled simulations.

Further, our extensive IC design experience can provide very valuable guidance in determining the reliability of simulation results. Experience in understanding and knowing when simulation results are false can prevent costly re-spins and schedule delays.

The figures below illustrate both bipolar and CMOS circuits using our schematic design tool and SPICE version TE-SPICE. TE_SPICE is a combination of Berkeley SPICE, custom pn junction and bipolar models of our design to provide physical modeling and better representation of actual device behavior. Further, TE_SPICE is integrated with our own back end data analysis and graphics package. This combination provides us with an easy and quick way of customizing results the way the designer wants to see it.

Click a thumbnail below to see the larger version.

Bipolar Op-Amp Transient Response

Bipolar Op-Amp Bode Plot

Bipolar Op-Amp Pulse Response

Bipolar Op-Amp Schematic

CMOS Op-Amp DC Sweep

CMOS Op-Amp AC Sweep

CMOS Op-Amp Transient Response

CMOS Op-Amp Schematic

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