Turgeon Engineering provides electrical models for SPICE simulation for most components (bipolar and MOS transistors, resistor, capacitors, lasers, discrete power devices, etc.)

We routinely provide corner models to ensure the manufacturability of designs. Corner models have been proven as the most efficient and reliable way to ensure manufacturability using circuit simulation.

We base our models on both electrical measurements and on the physical characteristics of the devices.

    Our characterization capabilities include:

  1. Linux controlled oven (+/- 0.1C) from 55C to 200C

  2. Linux controlled tri-axial picoamp source meter to 1 amp and 20 volts.

  3. Shielded box for room temperature measurements

  4. Custom PCB board fabrication and assembly for specialty measurements.

  5. Unique noise measurement capability from 1Hz to 1MHz.

    Spice models we have provided:

  1. Bipolar for Gummel Poon, VBIC and Turgeon custom model.

  2. BSIM2 and BSIM3.

  3. Lasers, 60mW, 80mW, 120mW, 160mW for optical fiber.

  4. One amp discrete bipolar-junction power transistors.

  5. Zener diodes (One amp DC, over 400 Amp surge.)

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NPN: Beta vs. VBE


NPN: Beta across Temperature

NMOS: I-V Characteristics


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