Turgeon Engineering minimizes design risk and gets it right the first time. We represent the safest way to get your product to market. Turgeon engineers work as part of your design team or in a complete design to fabrication outsourcing mode.

Our proven methodologies and years of experience in analog design, testing, and simulation mean that your product can be produced on time and on budget. Time is one key factor, but our customers continue to tell us that we meet and usually exceed the design requirements. Why let the analog circuit be your weak link? Let us design the circuit or troubleshoot the design as part of your team.

Turgeon Engineering has considerable experience in design for manufacturing. Our designs are made to spec and account for production variation.

Over 50 product successes in analog circuit design, testing, simulation, laser trimming and complete design and fabrications services.

We are experienced in the following industry areas:

Defense: Designed an integrated circuit for use in a radar application, including 30 sub circuits from a 40 page requirement document, through design and layout.

Automotive: Created a control system, designed the circuit, performed the simulations and enhanced the diagnostics.

Telecom: Developed a part replacement for a line controller. Achieved a 10:1 reduction in cost. Circuit worked the first time!

Industrial: Reduced technician time, created an analog integrated circuit in an instrumentation application which could talk to multiple devices and utilize multiple standards.

In a telemetry application, developed a mixed signal array. Created both the circuits and test circuits. Used Turgeon simulator and tools.

Gained a 40:1 cost reduction through reducing technician time in an automated test equipment application.

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